Covid 19 Grants for Small Business and Music Industry

This one is specifically designed to answer a question I am currently being asked by clients at least 7-8 times a day.

What are the Covid-19 grants available for Small Business and the Music Industry – and am I eligible?

So here it is – the small business and music industry grant list – pulled together last night over a glass of wine – so I can’t 1000%  guarantee I have listed EVERY.SINGLE.ONE.

But I think I’ve done a pretty thorough job – and the grants are listed HERE State by State, with a few extra resources thrown in.

If you haven’t already looked at your grant options then get to it NOW. Look for your State, click the link, read the criteria, and if you are eligible, APPLY.✍️

Some of them close soon (a couple have already closed) so please DON’T delay.

You have probably heard the Federal Government announcement yesterday that it’s starting to plan a roadmap out of this lockdown.

I am feeling optimistic that this may not go on for as long as we were originally led to believe.   Thanks mostly to the majority of Aussies doing the right thing. Keep those fingers and toes crossed.

In the meantime, hang in there.  We will all get through this.

If you are a creative, a live performer, a musician, and you have questions about making your way through the complexity of Covid-19 stimulus, contact us for some assistance.

Grab our JobKeeper Cheat Sheet

Now that the JobKeeper legislation has passed it’s time to seriously get cracking.

If you have eligible employees and if revenue is down 30% on last year, or if that’s looking likely in the coming months, then  YOU MUST REGISTER your interest for JobKeeper NOW.


Failure to register by the deadline means you will miss out on JobKeeper payments for the first two fortnights.

If you’re unsure of your eligibility, just register anyway, it only takes a minute.

All you need is your business name and ABN, and a contact name, number and email address.

Once you have registered, the next steps are:

1. Check your business and your employees meet the eligibility requirements.
2. Continue to pay at least $1,500 to each eligible employee per fortnight.
3. Notify your eligible employees that you are claiming JobKeeper on their behalf.
4. Send the JobKeeper employee nomination notice to your eligible employees.

Here is a JOBKEEPER CHEAT SHEET we’ve pulled together which may help  to answer some of the eligibility and other JobKeeper questions you might have.  It also explains these next steps.

To help work through all the issues, and share information as it comes to hand, I’ve also created a Facebook Group (Your Business Matters).

So if you haven’t joined already, please join HERE AND FLAG YOUR QUESTIONS in the group where I will do my best to answer them for the benefit of everyone.

If you are a musician, live performer, or a creative, contact us now  to help get your finances in order and negotiate the Governent Covid-19 stimulus.

Covid-19 Business and Personal Checklist

I know it feels something akin to death by a thousand cuts at the moment – with businesses everywhere struggling – and a new ‘rescue’ package announced every few days that feels like it’s simply prolonging the pain.

Yes, that’s definitely how it feels.  And this cartoon above pretty much sums things up for me today.

But with every crisis comes opportunity. And we at Calculated Matters have pulled together a  Covid-19 business and personal CHECKLIST that you may find handy over the coming weeks.

The checklist contains a raft of common sense, practical tips for your personal AND your business finances.

Start ticking off the list. There is no time like the present to cancel that Foxtel subscription you never watch.

In the meantime, be kind. Be informed. And stay connected.  If there is ONE small positive about COVID-19, it’s that we are ALL in this together.

And we all have to find a new ‘normal’. At least for now.  Turns out my new normal bares a strong resemblance to the image above.🥴

For more of our blog updates on the Australian Covid 19 stimulus packages check out our blog here.  

Join our new Facebook Group Your Business Matters and post your questions and comments!



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